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On Thriving

Melissa Cain

My favorite way to thrive is to live out my priorities. A while ago, I read a quote by Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists about priorities. It read, “Your priorities are what you do each day.”

That was a really sobering thought. Our time is our greatest and most precious currency, and without spending that currency intentionally, we’re setting ourselves up to live a life out of alignment. So, I regularly ask myself, “Is this my priority?"

What I love about this question, is that it’s an honest way to look at the way you’re spending your life. After asking this question, I generally feel a sense of contentment so long as I’ve made good decisions that day. If I don’t feel that contentment, this is a signal to me that I need to course correct. It’s important to note that my answer isn’t always hinging on my desire to be productive. I’m reminded by a quote by the lovely Mary Oliver:

"Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity"

If I ask myself this question while I’m getting the bath started—so long as it’s the right time—I can answer with a resounding yes, because I am taking this time to dedicate to relaxing and de-stressing, a very worthy priority. If I ask myself this question right now, I can also answer with an honest to goodness yes. I’m taking the opportunity to connect with someone who is part of my proverbial tribe (Melissa loves tribes—so Melissa that one’s for you) and start a conversation about what it means to thrive in life. If I’m out grocery shopping—I can ask myself this question, and generally I’m thinking, yes. So long as I got a good lookin’ cart filled with real, healthy foods, I can say that my priorities are in line.

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