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Jessica Lynn Williams

Oh my goodness—I am bursting at the seams with excitement—after being away from the podcast for over a month we’re back, and we’re going big and tackling waste. 

It feels like such a broad topic, and truth be told, I think Melissa and I were both a little intimidated by the vastness of this topic. I think the reason it’s most intimidating is because it’s a problem that pervades everyone’s lives on a daily basis. And, because of the fact that a majority of businesses turn a blind eye to the wastefulness, as humans consumers we have a rather weighted responsibility to be responsible for the lifecycle of whatever we bring into our homes. Have a listen. I think you’re gonna love it. 


Book: To Die For

Dryer Balls: I’m fluffy and I know it. 

Book: Eat Dirt

Veggie Bags

Diva Cup, Lunette Cup, Moon Cup

Go With the Flo Pads