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Melissa Cain

This week I had the pleasure of connecting with the wonderful Natalie, founder of Sustainably Chic, a blog and community for the conscious consumer. Her blog showcases carefully reviewed ethical brands and products and during the course of our conversation Natalie shared some of her secrets on how to become an environmentally conscious consumer. 

Natalie is an advocate of slow fashion. She explained how we can shop positive, shop small and shop sustainably. Ethical fashion can feel like an overwhelming subject, and it can be difficult to become a conscious consumer when you don’t know what factors to take into consideration in determining if a brand is ethical. This conversation seeks to shed some light on this subject, and make ethical brands more easily accessible. 

We discussed how shopping sustainably forces us to take an in-depth look into an industry that is tainted. Fast fashion does not work for our environment, or for us. We have lost touch with many of the things that makes it exciting to buy a garment. We want to know who made our clothes. We want to know that the workers are paid fairly and working in good conditions. We want to know how we can prevent fabric production from polluting our environment. We want to know the true story behind our clothing with the hopes that this knowledge will change the fast fashion industry. We have a big role to play in that change because we vote for the world we want every time we spend our money.  Shopping ethically is about being responsible. Responsible for the impact we are having on the world and other human beings. We hold so much power, and it is time we used that power wisely. 

By applying the ethics of minimalism, slow fashion and sustainability we can change the fast fashion industry.

This is a topic very close to my heart, so if you take the time to listen, please share your thoughts with me.