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Jessica Lynn Williams

This Week Jess and Melissa have the pleasure of conversing with Author, Blogger, and Ted speaker Carl Honoré. 

  • Jess asks Carl about the difficulty of moving slow, and the beginning of that transition. 
  • Carl discusses how moving slowly impacts our perception of time. 
  • Melissa asks Carl about the concept of natural time. 
  • Carl discusses the extraordinary trait of children and their capacity to live life without regard to measuring time. 
  •  Jess asks Carl, what about the person who says "Maybe you can embrace the concept of slow, but I can't go slow like you. I have too much to do."
  • Carl and Jess discuss time journals. 
  • Question: How much more time might you have available to you if you didn't go on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or sit in front of the television?
  • Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day
  • Jess asks Carl about his interest in the scientific aspect of time and how that has lead up to his interest in the concept of slow.
  • Carl Honoré's website
  • Carl Honoré on Twitter