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Jessica Lynn Williams

I know relationships are complicated, but I think our relationship with sleep is complex on a completely different level. Last week I started reading this incredible book by Arriana Huffington called The Sleep Revolution—all about our relationship with sleep, how it's evolved over the years, and the science behind what actually happens when we sleep. 

Through this book, our discussion on sleep over the podcast this week, I've found myself coming to a very worthy conclusion, a conclusion I think we all want to come to, but the ideology of sacrifice and hard work get in the way; sleep is good

Sleep gives us an emotional reprieve from the anxieties and difficulties of everyday life. It's restoratives for the soul, our skin, and an opportunity to refresh our perspective on life with each rotation of the earth. It's a truly beautiful thing that we've shunned into being seen as obligatory, useless, and somewhat of a chore. 

In this episode of The Mind Palace, Melissa and I hash out this topic, and talk about our own approaches to getting a good night's rest. If you're in need of someone to talk you into getting some much needed rest, listen in this week.

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