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Jessica Lynn Williams

  • Melissa announces some new changes that are coming to The Mind Palace including not doing changes every single week, but as they naturally come.
  • Melissa talks about how we will be sharing our story and our thoughts around minimalism, mindfulness, and intentional living.
  • Jess talks about how it's more important to be honest in the podcast than it is to provide different content every week.
  • Melissa talks about how some of the challenges seem forced, and how they will come naturally based on what we're thinking about.
  • Jess talks about the parallels of this concept to writing, about her post a Letter to Women Everywhere, how she is decent at writing when she has something to say.
  • Melissa talks about her approach to the podcast, about how the podcast is more about quality over quantity.
  • Recap: Jess discusses her experience last week doing Skype dates with internet friends.
  • "It was like reconnecting with new friends." -Jess
  • Jess and Melissa talk about a new podcast theme, Intoxicated Mindfulness.
  • Melissa talks about the new trajectory of the podcast, about how the podcast is becoming less about experiments and more about our lives and what it's like to navigate life as a minimalist.
  • The Minimalists: Letting Go of Shitty Relationships
  • Colin Wright: One Equal One
  • Jess talks about what it's like to move 2,000 miles away from home and gain a better perspective on what it means to have and be a good friend.
  • The Art of Asking, By Brene Brown and Amanda Palmer
  • Jess talks about the concept of vulnerability, and what that means to her new work position.
  • "The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful people know they're winging it." - Melissa Cain
  • Melissa and Jess talk about the pressure of being in your 20s and knowing what you want to do with your life.
  • Melissa talks about how some of the challenges seemed forced, and how we should also pay attention to being content.
  • Jess talks about her philosophical struggles and contemplations, and how they don't happens on a weekly basis. She also discusses how the new way they are approaching the podcast is more organic and honest.
  • Intoxicated Mindfulness comes up again and seems to be a good idea.
  • Jess talks about the idea of an advice section of The Mind Palace, and prompts listeners to send in questions about living intentionally.
  • "This isn't about answers, but its about asking the right questions and letting your values answer them for you." - Jess