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Jessica Lynn Williams

Hello everyone!

Melissa here. Get your pitchforks at the ready because this week we are discussing Pop culture. Going into the conversation I believed that pop culture is the antithesis of a meaningful life; filled with gossip, adverts and propaganda. However, as the conversation progressed, Jess delved into her thoughts on it, and we came to a more balanced conclusion. We came to understand that we create pop culture. We create it by being mindful of the things we consume materially, emotionally and intellectually. 

We vote for the kind of world we want every time we spend money. With that in mind it's important to ask the question - what kind of future do we want? Then, act accordingly by spending our resources, our time, money and spirit, creating it. 

Have a listen! Let us know what you think by reaching out to us. 

Note from Jess: In light of the recent tragic events in Orlando at Pulse, in lieu of donating to us at The Mind Palace, we invite you to donate to Pulse's Go Fund Me page, where the club is raising funds for the victims and their families. Let's come together and make a meaningful mark on the world.