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Jessica Lynn Williams

You guys!

OK—first and foremost, we're sorry for ghosting on you all. It was on purpose, it was for Halloween. 

Hah, OK, OK. Not for Halloween. I've completed my move back to the mainland, and as it always does, life has gotten crazy! Just as we do every year, this fall Melissa and I are taking a break from The Mind Palace—not because we're not completely in love with this podcast (we are) or you guys (we are), but we need time throughout the year to decompress from posting podcast episodes to focus on living life (and not just talking about how we should live it.) 

BUT, before we go (and we may be back throughout the fall periodically, but for sure next year) we thought we'd take the opportunity to discuss something that's weighing on everyone's minds this year, politics. 

What's fascinating to me, is that between the UK experiencing the aftermath of Brexit and this year's presidential election, Melissa and I are having rather similar experiences when it comes to political upheavals and manufactured chaos. In this episode, we take time to discuss the way we approach politics as minimalists. We hope you enjoy the episode. 

We love you all! We'll miss you for the season's break, but we'll be back in action in no time. 

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