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Jessica Lynn Williams

This is an episode that has been on my brain for quite a while now, I think because I knew what it felt like to experience luxury without consumerism, but I’d never taken time to study it and put it into words. Our conversation brings some fascinating concepts into light such as the helpfulness and luxury of thinking ahead for yourself, living a poetic life, and giving your senses something to be excited about.

Specifically though, Melissa and I discuss the concept of luxury and it’s relationship with minimalismSomewhere along the line, minimalism became synonymous with deprivation—this is complete bullshit. We discuss how luxury can exist in your life without incorporating consumerism, and different practices you can put into play in your life to give you the feeling of luxury without making frivolous purchases that don’t add much value to your life.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to post images on social media with #TheMindPalacePodcast with images of what luxury means to you, and we’ll share our favorites on social media. 

NEXT WEEK: LEARNING Next week Melissa and I discuss the various ways in which we can learn about the world around us. We talk about more traditional means of learning, such as in a classroom setting, and what it means to cultivate a sense of discovery. Wisdom seems to be a catchphrase next week. Can't wait for y'all to tune in. 

BONUS EPISODE: In addition to next week's episode centered around learning, we’re releasing an episode where I have the great opportunity and pleasure to interview a minimalist entrepreneur, Paul Jarvis. We have a rather casual conversation about minimalism, living intentionally, and what it means to conduct good business when working for yourself. 

Jess discusses a podcast by Tim Ferris, How to Practice Poverty and Reduce Fear.

Essay by Seth Godin: If you want to do less of something, then, get a smaller bowl. It's the simplest possible hack, but it truly works.