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Jessica Lynn Williams

In this episode of The Mind Palace podcast, Melissa and I dissect the world of learning, about how we can mindfully approach learning something new, without adhering to the rules that I have been established before us. We discuss how academia has shifted our societies understanding of learning, and we talk about how we can utilize our primal nature to approach learning with a sense of discovery as opposed to treating our minds with the same technical approach as we do computers. 

We discuss the the evolution of technology, and whether or not our advancements have been a help or a hinderance, the difference between wisdom and knowledge, and the very important relationship between the two. 


We’ve had a few questions come in, in regards to fashion, and how minimalists approach their wardrobe. I’ve never considered myself especially fashion savvy, however Melissa not only has a degree in fashion, but she’s applied her schooling to her very personal life philosophy of living minimally. As a matter of fact, last year when we met in person, she helped me curate my wardrobe, and after a few adjustments here and there, I’m dressing with more class and confidence than I ever have.