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Jessica Lynn Williams


It’s another beautiful week at The Mind Palace, and this week, we’re gonna talk Bravery. I don’t honestly know where this concept opened up in my brain—I think it’s really important to do things we are afraid of, and it’s important to be uncomfortable, but at the same time I’ve been thinking lately about that discomfort. Of course, it’s only when we’re uncomfortable that we grow, but at the same time, I wonder if when we are being brave,  we might be neglecting one facet or another of our lives in the name of bravery. 

We talk a lot about the history of human kind, and fear, and how these emotions played an intrinsic role to our survival years ago. Now that we’re navigating a completely different aspect of humanity, we have to work with these primitive tendencies on a very conscious level to understand where and when we should be brave and make scary decisions. It’s fascinating stuff. 

We may or may not go off topic and discuss Game of Thrones, dinosaurs, and discovering Ethiopian food in Las Vegas. 

NEXT WEEK: Trends. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they amoral? When should we jump on the bandwagon, and when do we need to stick to our guns? We hash it all out next week, but we’re recording Monday, so if you have a question send em in stat. 

Thanks for letting us grace your car commutes, ear buds, and subway rides.