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Jessica Lynn Williams


We hear a lot about how minimalism is about embracing experiences instead of things, and how getting rid of the superfluous stuff in our lives can give us the opportunity to allow our time spent to reflect our priorities, but very few of us discuss what we actually do with our newfound time.  

You might find after getting rid of everything you once spent days organizing, that you have some extra hours on your hands (maybe, maybe not), but it's healthy for all of us to take an honest look at how we're spending our time to reassess and re-curate. After all, there is no end game—we don't get rid of all of our stuff and find that life is perfect. It takes some time, and course correction, but after a while you can find you're living a whole new life. Listen in this week to hear us discuss the concept of boredom, and how to rid the word and the feeling from your life. 

Next week: OFFENDED
OK, I am particularly excited about this one. It's kind of a funny story. Melissa and I were on the phone prior to recording this episode, and we'd decided that we'd record an episode on minimalism and luxury (which I'm still pretty excited about!). So, we started recording and got into a conversation about what it means to be offended in this day and age, and about how this pernicious little word can work it's way into our vocabulary, sometimes without our permission.